Can I refer other external work professionals, to be part of the Suited Tutor community?

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Employee Referral Scheme

We, at Suited Tutor, encourage both our amazing employees and tutors, to recommend other talented work professionals or employees from other firms, for positions within our vivid organisation. Such work opportunities and roles could be related (and just to name a few) to programmers, social media specialists, marketing analysts, UI/UX graphic designers, customer service agents and many more.

Furthermore, the nature of the position can vary for all those ambitious individuals, who would love to be part of our vibrant community. It could be either paid work opportunities, such as a full or part-time job, along with internships and apprenticeship placements, or unpaid opportunities, such as volunteering jobs.

Where and How to Apply?

All available and listed vacancies can be found on our company's career website.

No Listed Vacancies?

If the listed roles do not happen to match your skill set or expertise, or if there are no available vacancies, then you can send us your CV and/or Cover Letter, (the latter is optional), at, including:

  • the areas you would like to be involved with
  • the strengths and abilities you would bring to the team
  • your starting time or availability

Good to Know

Our hiring and HR team will always do its best to create a highly interactive and vibrant work environment; and to further promote fair opportunities for all, we will solely assess individuals based on their experience, can-do attitude, passion and hard work ethos. You can find out more about Suited Tutor's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Policy here.

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