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This Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement is a response to Section 54(1), Part 6 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and relates to actions and activities for the financial year ending 01 March 2024.

Suited Tutor Ltd ('the Company', 'we', 'us' or 'our') is committed to preventing slavery and human trafficking violations in its own operations, its supply chain, and its products. We have zero tolerance towards slavery and require our supply chain to comply with our values. 

Organisational Structure

Suited Tutor Ltd and has business operations in the United Kingdom. We operate in the educational sector. The nature of our supply chains is as follows: We work with a number of key direct suppliers, who provide us with services, such as outsourced business processes, IT software and marketing services. For more information about the Company, please visit our website.


We operate a number of internal policies to ensure that we are conducting business in an ethical and transparent manner. These include the following:

  • Recruitment and selection policy - We conduct checks on all our prospective employees and primarily online instructors, (course creators), along with private tutors, to verify that they are eligible to work in the UK. Certain roles require an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check, where employees may be working with vulnerable people.
  • Whistleblowing policy - We operate this policy so that employees are able to raise concerns about how staff and employees are being treated or practices within our business without fear of reprisal.
  • Staff code of conduct - We are committed to fair and equal treatment for all of our staff members and employees. Our staff code of conduct reflects our core values and expected behaviours. The code of conduct makes it clear that we have a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery. 
  • Safeguarding policy - This policy highlights the potential risks of modern slavery, including how to identify signs of exploitation and how to report concerns.
  • Suited Tutor's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Policy - Suited Tutor's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Policy helps prevent modern slavery by fostering a culture of respect and fairness. By promoting diverse and inclusive work environments, we ensure all employees are treated equally and fairly, reducing the risk of exploitation. The policy encourages vigilance and awareness, making it easier to identify and address potential instances of modern slavery within our operations and supply chains.
  • Harassment and Anti-Bullying Policy - Our Harassment and Bullying Policy prevents modern slavery by promoting a safe and respectful workplace. By strictly prohibiting any form of harassment and bullying, we create an environment where employees feel empowered to speak up against abuse and exploitation. This vigilance helps to identify and address any signs of modern slavery, ensuring that all workers are treated with dignity and respect.

We make sure our suppliers are aware of our policies and adhere to the same standards.

Due Diligence

As part of our efforts to monitor and reduce the risk of slavery and human trafficking occurring in our supply chains, we have adopted the following due diligence procedures: 

Our due diligence procedures aim to:

  • Identify and action potential risks in our business and supply chains.
  • Monitor potential risks in our business and supply chains
  • Reduce the risk of slavery and human trafficking occurring in our business and supply chains.
  • Provide protection for whistleblowers.

Risk and Compliance

The Company has evaluated the nature and extent of its exposure to the risk of slavery and human trafficking occurring in its UK supply chain through:

  • Evaluating the slavery and human trafficking risks of each new supplier.
  • Reviewing on a regular basis all aspects of the supply chain based on supply chain mapping.

We do not consider that we operate in a high-risk environment because we implement multiple policies to mitigate risks, such as hiring staff, tutors and course creators based on merit and skillset, conducting enhanced DBS checks, thorough vetting through interviews, and providing comprehensive training to them on safeguarding young learners and vulnerable individuals. Our commitment to continuous education ensures our staff remains up to date with current trends and best practices, further enhancing our protective measures against modern slavery.

We do not tolerate slavery and human trafficking in our supply chains. Where there is evidence of failure to comply with our policies and procedures by any of our suppliers, we will seek to terminate our relationship with that supplier immediately.

Training Staff

The Company requires its staff to complete training and ongoing refresher courses on slavery and human trafficking. The Company's training covers:

  • How to identify the signs of slavery and human trafficking.
  • What initial steps should be taken if slavery or human trafficking is suspected.
  • How to escalate potential slavery or human trafficking issues to the relevant parties within the Company.
  • What external help is available.

Next Steps

In the next financial year, we intend to take the following steps to tackle slavery and human trafficking by:

  • In the next financial year, we will intensify our efforts to tackle modern slavery by implementing several key initiatives. We will introduce new, robust policies and procedures specifically targeting modern slavery. Additionally, we will organise comprehensive training sessions for our internal team to enhance their understanding and ability to identify and address these issues. We will also strengthen our supplier due diligence processes and conduct regular audits to ensure compliance. By fostering a culture of vigilance and accountability, we aim to create a safer, more ethical supply chain and workplace.

The board approved the statement of directors: Dimitris Proko, Director of Suited Tutor Ltd, on June 2nd, 2024.

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