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What is a DBS Check?

Employers can learn about a candidate's criminal background through a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check, which aids in making secure hiring decisions. A DBS certificate, depending on the degree of the check, may include information regarding unspent convictions, reprimands, Barred Lists checks, and Local Police checks.

Different Types of DBS Check

  • Basic 
  • Standard
  • Enhanced


Using information from the Police National Computer, a basic DBS will look up a person's criminal record, convictions, and cautions (PNC). A simple DBS check will reveal any cautions or convictions that the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (ROA) of 1974 deems to be "unspent."

Employers from a variety of sectors, including construction and hospitality, can request a basic disclosure to look up a candidate's criminal history to assist them to assess if they are qualified for the position.


Any job or task that is mentioned under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (ROA) 1974 (Exceptions) Order 1975 requires the Standard DBS check, including those of attorneys, accountants, prison personnel, and other high-level posts.

A standard DBS check verifies that applicants or employees have no past convictions for crimes like fraud or financial misconduct.


An employer can ask to determine if a potential or current employee is on the Children's Barred List or Adult First list by using an enhanced check.

A candidate can only be asked for an enhanced check if they will be engaged in a regulated activity, which guarantees they are not prohibited from working with vulnerable populations. The Enhanced DBS Check is required for the majority of positions in education and healthcare.

How Long are DBS Checks Valid For?

Simply put, DBS checks never expire. The DBS certificate has an issuance date, nevertheless, there is no indication of an expiry date. On that note, here at Suited Tutor, we ask our tutors to renew their DBS checks every 2 to 3 years.

What are your Safeguarding Policies?

Suited Tutor urges all of his tutors/teachers, who have signed up on our platform to apply for an Enhanced DBS check, especially those - who would be delivering in-person classes. As stated above, the DBS renewal period may range from six months to three years, to ensure safeguarding compliance.

How can you Verify a Tutor's DBS check Status?

We cannot verify any tutor claims about their DBS check status, however, we can check their application status via the DBS Update Service checklist or redirect them to an authorised enhanced DBS check provider, so that they could apply.

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