How do I create a safe and strong password?

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What Makes a Password Strong?

The key aspects that can make a user's password are related to length, (the longer the better), a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, symbols and finally no ties to your bank account details or other personal details.

How to easily spot a weak password?

Let's look at some of the examples below:

  • Common Words: The word 'password' is the most commonly used password and can be easily guessed
  • It's Short: Let's say you use the word 'apple', which is quite short and can be easily guessed, especially by family members or close friends, who know you quite well
  • Repeated Passwords: Let's say for example you have used the following password: 'Greatweather' to sign in to your email, but you also use the same password at work, including your bank account and other app subscriptions. Should anyone finds out your password, then he/she will be able to use it and access all of the relevant accounts

Tips to Create a Unique Password

The following guidelines will help you create a strong password:

  • 8 characters (minimum): Try to exceed the length of 8 characters
  • A mix of Uppercase and Lowercase: Try to use a combination of both lower and uppercase letters
  • Numbers and Symbols: As part of your password, it would be advisable to use numbers and perhaps special case symbols
  • Not related to Case Sensitive Details: It would be advisable to prevent using your national insurance number, house address or perhaps the date of birth as part of your password

Good To Know

A few examples, for illustrative purposes, can be found below:

  • 2BorNot2B-Qu3st
  • J0hnaThAn1sk!nd
  • 14All&all41 (= One for all and all for one)

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