How to check whether my web browser is out of/up-to-date?

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It's essential to ensure your web browser is always updated, as outdated browsers may pose significant security risks. Using an older web browser may result in overlooking valuable and important new features, which are only supported by modern browsers.

Online Browser Checkers

There are available online websites, which are designed to check your browser version and provide information about - whether it's up-to-date. A highly recommended example is WhatIsMyBrowser, and an alternative one is Browser-Update.

How to Update my Browser?

Most modern browsers have an option within their settings, to check for updates automatically. You can usually find this - in the settings or preferences menu. 

On that note, depending on your web browser, for example 'Google Chrome', 'Mozilla Firefox', 'Safari', 'Microsoft Edge' and many more, you can click (or tap) here, for a clear guide with step-by-step guidelines and visuals, to update your web browser.

Additionally, browser manufacturers continually update their software, so it's a good practice, to enable automatic updates within your browser settings, (if possible), for security and performance improvements.

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