Are my bank account details securely stored on your website?

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Are my bank details safe?

In a nutshell, the straightforward answer is - absolutely!

Before you conduct any future online transactions, you will be asked to enter and authenticate your card details through your personal bank account. In addition, all card numbers and their sensitive data are secured by Stripe's encrypted disk, using AES-256 and they are also PCI compliant.

Other Lesson Payment Types

We can also accept online payments or BACS, (bank-to-bank transfers between UK banks). Please note: we cannot accept coupons, cheques or other relevant childcare vouchers.

Can anyone preview or see my password details?

Everything is password protected and encrypted, and thus, not even us, at Suited Tutor can view your bank account details, once they have been entered. Thousands of digital transactions have been processed successfully, using the providers, as mentioned above, and we have never encountered any such security concerns.

Good to Know

To find out more or how your information is stored on our site, you can have a look at our Privacy Policy, which is accessible via this link.

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