How do I report or block a user?

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Unsolicited or Inappropriate Behaviour?

Should you ever encounter any situations - where other fellow platform users are using Suited Tutor in an unsolicited or malicious manner, such as advertising their agency services or perhaps including within their bio/description - any malicious or profanity words; then please report them to us, as soon as possible.

If you have also experienced first-hand any type of inappropriate or hostile behaviour from a fellow platform user, (including but not limited to parents, guardians, tutors or students), then please send us an email at and kindly include the following details:

  • screenshots or any other associated images
  • details that can identity such individual(s), such as personal information
  • link or URL of that individual
  • share the reason(s) why you are reporting or wish to block that individual; (please include written details about what has happened)

Our team at Suited Tutor takes seriously any type of misconduct or unsolicited behaviour, whereby, and we will do our best to resolve any occurring issues or incidents, imminently. 

Prohibited Activities

If you ever encounter or come across any individuals, breaching any of the following prohibited activities through our platfrom, then please email us as soon as possible.

  • Off-site Payment: Sometimes students, guardians or parents may ask you about the possibility to conduct off-site payments, however, Suited Tutor works hard to combat fraud and safeguard your well-being. Our existing encrypted and blazing-fast payment gateways are highly credible and do an amazing job. Thus, if you decide to receive payments offline or outside our platform, we cannot protect you from any potential spam or fraud. Accepting off-site payments can jeopardise your user rights and tutor status with Suited Tutor, leading to account termination or statutory offences.
  • Social Media Interactions: As a tutor, you may forge an incredible and very healthy rapport with your student(s) and vice versa, which we really hope you will, nevertheless, if you decide to share any of your social media accounts with other users, such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn and many more, then Suited Tutor can no longer safeguard your privacy. We work very hard to protect your privacy and rights, whereby, connecting with students, guardians, and parents outside the Suited Tutor platform is against our best operational and security practices.
  • Contact Details: It can be quite tempting to share your personal contact details, (such as email, mobile/telephone number and house address), with prospective customers or tutors. Hence, tutors should limit their interactions with their prospective or existing customers solely via Suited Tutor's messaging system. Should you decide to liaise or speak with other fellow parents, guardians or students off-site, then, we cannot protect you from any unexpected spam cases, financial losses or harassment. As a result, sharing your personal contact details with customers, tutors or other fellow users outside the Suited Tutor platform is against our best operational and security practices.
  • Other Video-conferencing Platforms: If any prospective or existing customers ask you to resume any conversations outside Suited Tutor's video conferencing system, then kindly steer them back to our in-built video/audio communications platform. You can also encourage them to sign up with Suited Tutor and perhaps help them familiarise themselves with our system. It's such a great and intuitive platform. If they experience any technical issues, you can refer them to the following lesson joining or network connection issue article. Alternatively, they can reach out to us here.
  • Profanity Words: We at Suited Tutor have 0% tolerance against any type of bullying, harassment, profanity, hate or vulgar speech from any user. You may refer to our following Harassment or Bullying Policy, Disciplinary Policy and Procedures and Customer Code of Conduct for more information. 
  • Promotion of Services: It is illegal to use the Suited Tutor platform to advertise your business or agency services or abuse Suited Tutor's goodwill, for your personal and/or financial gain. You may advertise your service(s) as a freelancer or self-employed, which doesn't breach or violate your service agreement with us. We do our best to advocate best practices, along with a safe and harmonised environment, thereby, we would expect our diligent tutors to adhere to our best Tutor Code of Conduct and Ethics procedures.

Good to Know

If in doubt or you are uncertain, whether a user has breached any of Suited Tutor's service agreement, please contact us. In addition, if you are having any technical issues or you have identified that an individual has treated you in an inappropriate manner, or perhaps have any questions about off-site interactions; then you are always welcome to share your concerns with us

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